Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tweet me in the Middle

It's true, in the past year I haven't blogged as often as I used to. I used to crank out 3-4 posts/recipes a week. Then I got pregnant and was too tired to cook/blog that often, then I moved in with my mother-in-law and I didn't have to cook (Thanks Mrs. Pat), then we got our own house and I thought things would crank up again, then we had a baby and I was too busy to cook/blog that often. Each one of my posts take a considerable amount of time between photo editing, recipe adaptation, printable document creation and the actual composition of the accompanying story/explanation that starts each post. It just isn't feasible in my current lifestyle to make that happen more than once or twice a week at best.

But just because I can't blog as often as I used to, it doesn't mean that I am any less devoted to this blog, food or eating. All three are still a big part of my life and I hope one day I can resume my posting frequency as soon as my life calms down a bit. But in the meantime I have decided to create a Twitter account to keep you up to date on all things "food" in my life. Just because I am not blogging four times a week doesn't mean I am not still cooking, eating and thinking about food.

One benefit of this blog is that I had roughly 2 years of recipes under my belt before I moved home to be with my family and before we had a baby. That experience in the kitchen afforded me the luxury of many recipe options. I always have a past blog recipe in mind when I need to bring something to a get together or when I am looking for a go to dinner. Blogging four times a week like I did in the past pretty much meant No Repeats. Even if something was delicious, there just wasn't time in the week to make something we already tried if I had to create four new recipes/blog post in only seven days. So now that I am not blogging as often, we have been able to go back and visit some of the fabulous dishes I made before.

These are the types of things I will let you know about via my Tweets. I plan to keep you abreast to old recipe redos, favorite restaurants, ingredient searches and sometimes just plain old boring day to day food musings.

So, click this link if you want to follow me @ElizEdibExp. If getting your own Twitter account isn't your thing but you are still interested in what I am up to, you can view my last few Tweets on the side bar of my blog home page. But it will be beneficial to follow me, because in about a month I am going to have a fun giveaway for all of my followers.


Christina said...

I can imagine it must be hard to keep up with a new baby. I wonder how often I'll be able to blog when we have our first. I'll still be a follower!

MaryBeth said...

I will always follow you Miss Elizabeth...

Sush said...

Sadly, I don't 'Tweet', but you know I will be following your Blog faithfully!
Congrats on your new venture!