Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Mardi Gras 2011

Happy Mardi Gras! This is the latest sweet treat I made for Rex's daycare teachers as a special thank you for taking care of my precious little boy. I knew that this particular holiday treat needed to make a statement and be very unique. What else would you expect from a little baby named Rex?

These were a cinch to make and really didn't require a recipe at all, mostly just assembly. These king cakes were worlds away from the king cake I made back in the day while residing in DC. They were no where near an all day affair.

In order to make these mini masterpieces, simply buy a can of jumbo cinnamon rolls, unroll each roll, cut in half, twist the two halves together, form into a circle and bake for 10 minutes. Ice the cakes while still hot. using the cinnamon icing. Sprinkle with purple, green and gold sprinkles. Let cool and package.


Woody said...
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Woody said...

Happy Mardi Gras!!

What is everyone giving up for lent?

I am giving up caffeine and dessert.

teresa said...

what a great gift, they look wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous treats! Rex will surely be the class favorite!
Happy Mardi Gras,

alex said...

looks yummy.. hmm.. makes me starve..
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